About Me

I’m just plain ordinary…

My name is Kerstin Daynes. I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado where I met and married Joel Daynes. I graduated with a degree in Family Science with a Marriage and Family Emphasis from BYU in 1999. I have worked in many places doing many things, but I have found great joy in helping couples make sense of their infertility. I maintain a website (www.ldsinfertility.org) designed to provide couples a place to learn about and process feelings of infertility through an LDS perspective. Other things that make me happy include running, cycling, reading, organizing, being out in the warmth of the sun, eating out, having a Saturday soda, and saving money by finding a fabulous deal. Even though our continuing battle with infertility has spanned over many years and included medical treatments which failed 100% of the time, we have witnessed a miracle along the way in the birth of our son. We currently live in Lehi, Utah.

Many things in my life have been unplanned…even being an author…

If you had asked me if I would ever write a book, I would have said “Never…I don’t have that much to say about anything!” When I started thinking about writing a book about infertility, however, ideas began flowing, excitement began building, and, all of a sudden, I was able to recall experiences and I could see how they could help others. It was truly amazing to watch this manuscript take shape; I saw the book move from a memoir of sorts, to becoming a compilation of experiences woven together providing depth and greater understanding. This book was written through careful reflection on relationships, personal interviews, and intimate discussions.

I cherish every relationship that has been fostered and every heartfelt conversation I have had with those experiencing infertility. Each one has tutored me and has opened my eyes to the vastly different perspectives on this specific trial. I have seen that while the suffering is the same, reactions are often different, but healing is always possible. I have seen the advantage of sharing stories, reaching out in love, and welcoming the compassion of others as we allow wounds to heal.

How did I come up with writing a book on infertility?

As I was trying to make sense of my infertility, I sought help and guidance from many places. In my quest, I read several books about infertility that offered information from a medical and worldly perspective and they seemed empty to me. I wanted to learn about infertility from an eternal and spiritual perspective. But, as I looked, resources providing this spiritual strength seemed limited. I found that there is very little information available on the subject of infertility from an LDS perspective.

I felt that by sharing my story, insights I have gained, and the experiences of others, I could perhaps help fill this need.