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LDS Author Offers Honesty and Hope To Couples Dealing With Infertility

Springville, UT—Doctors and therapists alike have endorsed the new book, “Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing” (Cedar Fort, $13.99) by Kerstin Daynes. While capturing the essence of struggle and identifying the emotions of infertility, Daynes provides tangible strategies that can help couples cope and live beyond the sorrow they feel.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that 1 in 7 couples has difficulty conceiving. As it affects so many couples and their loved ones, “Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing” is an ideal handbook for those who desire to make sense of infertility and for those who would like to be sympathetic to friends or family unable to conceive. Humor, plainness, and compassion are woven together as Daynes creates a resource of hope focusing on:

  • Practical strategies for coping with infertility.
  • Validation of sorrow and disappointment.
  • Ways to find meaning in life beyond infertility.
  • A consideration of the differences in male and female responses to infertility.
  • How to offer support to couples dealing with infertility.

For a review copy of this book, please contact Sheralyn at or 801-486-0585. To contact the author, email her at or call her at 801-653-1416.

About the Author: Kerstin Daynes graduated with a BS in Family Science from Brigham Young University. Since she personally deals with infertility and knows many just like her, she finds value in talking about and raising awareness about infertility. She maintains a website designed to provide couples a place to learn about and process feelings of infertility. Kerstin, her husband, and son live in Lehi, Utah.


“Having worked for many years with couples struggling with infertility, I would unreservedly recommend this book to them and their supportive family and friends.”

—Kevin Sherman, LCSW

“Succeeding with infertility requires patience, diligence, and endurance.  It requires discovering where the problems lie, and accepting, learning and understanding the reality of those problems…This book can be an important part of that process.”

—James S. Heiner, MD, OB/GYN
Founder, Reproductive Care Center


You may download a copy of the Press Release for Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing here.