“Kerstin has put a lot of thought, work, and prayer into coping with infertility.  In this book, she extends her efforts to help others to cope and conquer the challenge she has so bravely faced. . . Anyone facing any kind of health related or deeply emotional struggle will come away from reading this book with a broader and deeper perspective, greater hope, and a better chance for healing in their own lives, whether their afflictions be related to infertility or other vicissitudes of the body or soul.”

James S. Heiner, MD
OB/GYN, Board Certified
Reproductive Endocrinologist, Board Certified
Founder, Reproductive Care Center, the first private practice IVF center in Utah.
Partner, Reproductive Care Associates, Sandy Utah

“This book collects a number of accounts describing the personal recognition and acceptance of the disappointment and unrealized expectations of infertility.  It confirms the reality of the blessings provided by applying principles taught in the atonement of Jesus Christ to specific individual challenges. Furthermore, it provides a resource of insight, examples, resources and recommendations from an LDS perspective to the couple facing infertility. The Author’s comment, ‘The sting or hurt may never go away entirely, and that is normal, but we can reduce the pain to the point that it does not overwhelm us or cause us to be unproductive’ describes a key benefit provided to the reader.”

C. Matthew Peterson, M.D.
John A. Dixon Presidential Professor and Chair
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Utah Health Sciences Center

Infertility is a very sensitive and tender issue for couples who long for children. Daynes expertly weaves her own personal story through her description of the practical side of infertility treatments.  Following her value-based recommendations will allow couples who have chosen to try medical infertility treatments to make this struggle a significant growth experience, regardless of the outcome. Having worked many years with couples struggling with infertility, I would unreservedly recommend this book to them and to their supportive families and friends.”

Kevin Sherman
LCSW, 15 years with LDS Family Services

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Daynes mentions in her book many things that couples can do to take care of themselves as they work through their grief and loss. I would suggest that my clients do those very things.

“What really sets this book apart from other texts on infertility are Daynes’ personal experiences. The narrative is at its best when she is expressing personal thoughts and feelings about her experience. Daynes’ personal perspective on infertility is very powerful.

“This book will go a long way in helping normalize a couple’s feelings regarding their infertility.”

Michael G. Allen,
LCSW, Vice President, Connect Care
Colorado Springs, CO

“Daynes effectively describes the heartache felt by those of us experiencing infertility. She offers moving recommendations from personal experience and from extensive research that both comfort the pained heart and empower the frustrated and disappointed soul.”

Jennifer T.
San Antonio, TX

“I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE this book! Daynes has really caught the essence of struggle. It’s a struggle that I still answer to every day and wonder what the right path for me will be. Daynes has an amazing understanding not only of infertility, but also of the ‘balm’ of the gospel.”

Susan T.
Las Vegas, Nevada

“So much of the book applies to people experiencing any type of adversity. Any reader, really, would benefit from the lessons Daynes teaches. She is sensitive, informational, and readable–all at the same time.”

Janna DeVore
Freelance Editor
Crestview, Florida

“I loved Daynes’ real-ness. I love her honesty in this book and her humor, as well as her incredible faith.  I love how connected her faith is with reality. Daynes recognizes and propels hope and healing without diminishing the loss and devastation that accompanies infertility. Every person struggling with this reality will obtain needed and inspired tools to help them cope, heal and have joy as they recognize the Lord’s hand in their individual lives.”

Shannon B.
San Diego, California